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Wm, Wed 22 March 2017, Wed 22 March 2017, Computer

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Do you really need a new computer? Would you like to see ads that say the new computer is amazing, and that many things have changed. Things have changed so much of the technology of personal information? Yes and no. Computer manufacturers are still pushing their popular latest computers and technology. After all, no new sales, businesses would be in serious trouble. Do you really need the latest computer sitting on your desk at home? Computer manufacturers will tell you that you must continually update your equipment. Is it really necessary to keep up to date?

I’ll give a resounding NO. If the computer works well and is able to complete the tasks you want, you may not need to upgrade your computer. Back in the early days of home computers, technology was evolving rapidly. I remember the first IBM XT computer desktop. At that time, was a great joy to be a home computer like mine. The first computer was a huge 20 megs hard drive and two 5 and 1 / 4 inch floppy disk drive. It was a dream in 1989. My next computer was a breakthrough for a 486. The increased speed and functionality was amazing. You see, my first computer (XT) has not been able to keep up with my 90 words per minute typing speed. Would have to write a sentence or two and then I have to wait for the computer screen to catch up. With the 486, the team finally was able to treat strokes faster than I can write. It was amazing.

As the 1990s progressed, the technology is growing by leaps and bounds. Then came the 2000s and even the technology has improved. However, even if the technology has steadily improved, changes in performance since the user was concerned was less noticeable. This is where we are today. Yes, the technology is still an improvement, but the average user will not see much difference between a new computer and a computer that is a year or two.

Do you think the newer, faster computer speed Internet? It is not, and here for a reason. Assuming that your computer is not infected hundreds if not thousands of ad-ware and spy-ware programs that have nothing to do with Internet speed. The speed of your Internet connection is controlled by your ISP. If you want a faster Internet connection, you should improve your connection speed with your provider.

If you have a dial-up connection, go to cable or DSL. If you have cable or DSL modem and the service is faster than packages (more bandwidth) available, please update the package. Package 768k package goes to 5 MEG will definitely notice when you go. Today, most people can improve the performance of your existing equipment with only cleaning. No, this does not cause a bottle of Windex and a cloth. This requires a thorough analysis of the hard drive and files that make up the configuration of your computer.

This is not always an easy task. You really need to be a bit more of a technician if you try to clean your computer yourself. You see, whenever you remove a program, there is a possibility that not all files were deleted successfully. Abandoned these files can go a long way to clogging the system. In addition, the site of most visits, leaving a small file on your computer too.

Not all of these files is dangerous though. Some of these files, also known as “cookies” are left to help you connect to the next time you visit the same place. But there are a wide variety of sites that leave nasty little files on your computer that you slow down and make your computer look like death. For the pick-me-up a number of cleaning programs and services that anyone can be successfully used to clean your computer. Most of these programs or services is called “Registry Cleaner” and services that promise to “speed up your computer.”

If your computer is slow, take a look at some kind of program or service before you start cleaning store to buy a new computer. Sometimes a good cleaning brings his current team to a super-fast speed. If your computer has more than 3 or 4 years, maybe it’s time for an upgrade to new hardware. Bottom line, does the computer do everything you need to do? If so, save money and to leave these fine new ads. Otherwise, do not hesitate to jump up and take home a brand new computer for a home office.

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